Nearly 10,000 second-hand books to be hunted for a solidarity action on Sunday in Place de Bretagne.

The “colibri” actions (citizen actions in the service of the most disadvantaged) are back for the Weekend of Solidarity Heart, with its first annual sale of nearly 10,000 used books, this Sunday, July 19 from 8:30 am to 1 pm, esplanade René-Guillemot, near the cultural space Passe Ouest and near the Place Bretagne, in Ploemeur.

For the past 30 years, the environmental association Tarz Heol has been collecting used books from the general public to sell them for the benefit of the Weekend of Solidarity Heart to be held in Océanis next November. This Sunday, nearly 10,000 used books will be for sale on the Place de Bretagne starting at 0.50 cents.” This particular year will be a difficult one for charities helping people in great financial difficulty. We’re counting on the generosity of the public to come and hunt for books to fill the books for the Weekend of Solidarity Weekend to be held in Océanis next November. »

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